Introducing Steve’s new limited-edition surfboards, a collaboration with local surfboard shaper Denny Barrett of Barrett Boards. Each board features a unique giclee print, meticulously crafted by Barrett and hand-glassed onto the surfboard, available in both fishtail and pin designs.

Steve’s personal touch adds the final embellishments, making each board a one-of-a-kind work of Art. Catch a wave with style and exclusivity!

Captured In Time

Sitting in Paradise

Shades of Paradise

Coastal Dreams

Printed Items

Each print is crafted with a unique torn edge detail, adding character and depth to the artwork. You have the creative freedom to frame these prints with a classic mat for a traditional look or choose a floating frame to showcase their contemporary elegance.

Memories of Home

Far and Away

Fairytale Ending

Dream Making

Barton Merch

Explore Barton’s exclusive merchandise collection, personally curated by Steve.

From an oversized beach towel featuring one of his favorite palm tree artworks to stylish beach straw hats, His selection captures the essence of Sun, Surf and relaxation.

Each item was created with a passion for the coastal living and for Nature, bringing a peace of Barton’s Paradise into your world. Dive into the assortment and embrace the beach lifestyle in true Barton Style

18 Month Calendar

10 Assorted Barton Brushes

Straw Hat & Beach Towel

Thank you Steve for making our home such a beautiful place! If you have never seen Steve's Wavy frame in person, you're missing out. We have also seen many of his pieces of art on display at the Z cafe in Bonsall.  ~Justin H.


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